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Well, woke up a lil early this morning, only because i was exhausted yesterday and fell asleep wayyy too early...

truck was already loaded from yesterday, everything was washed/cleaned, wind was nul, so figure lemme go check on the pet pups :)

2nd cast, explosion,fish on, and it went on like that for the next 3 casts, and 3 fish. so i figure i better give mac a call so he doesnt get too pissed :D, being the buddy i am, i made sure i caught a handful before i called him :p

anyways, caught a few more fish on top, then a few rats on some jigs. mac showed up, caught 3 rats, i paddled on over to a different point, first cast and got a 24" on topwater...

then we went out lookinfor some trout, got 1 decent lil keeper like 15-16" long, gave that to mac to eat for dinnnner...caught probably 20 lil spikes in the process, the bigger ones are there you just have to weed out the zillions of spikes lol

anyways, not alot of pics, but just a couple pics from the morning...TIME TO PUT ON YOUR WADERS TOO! much better to be dry + warm all day :D :D

resting up a few hours before heading out for the afternoon bite and give the pets their afternoon feeding :p

Topdog action

another chunky pup on topwater

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