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Well headed out after 3 weeks of not being able to fish to my favorite spot yesterday as you all may know LIP. It was jus a little chilly not bad untill ou were out there for 4 hours then you start to get a little cold. One of the first things i noticed was birds working to the south of the pier.

it was a good sign of things to come.

i caught probly 10 grey trout all under size and on a sabiki rig. Then i brought in this guy

Anyone know what he is? Had some guys try to tell me it is a young ling cod and I just confirmed that is not because ive looked on the WWW and a book called the perterson guide to atlantic fishes.

Then not too long after caught this guy

Stumped again

and the great ending a nice sand perch

all in all it was a beautiful day not only to break my cold streak but just to break up the long week of school.:cool:

nice and calm too! :D
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