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On Sunday, Oct 16, 2016, I saw only one kayaker on a motorized kayak. I was wondering where the CBBT (chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, VA) kayakers were.

Water Temp: 64 - 68F
Wind: calm
Bait: shrimp

I wanted to catch tautog and sheepshead. The water was still too warm for tautog. Though I thought I could catch a couple of togs. I bottom-fished between the 1st SBC (small boat channel) and the First Island. I picked about 12 bridge pilings. For 6 hours, I caught 10 puppy drum at 16 - 21", 5 black drum, 5 conger eel, some oyster toad fish, some black sea bass, and 1 sheepshead at 18"

Fishing Log:

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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