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gotta 14ftr & trailer & 8 HRSPWR NEW 875 00 gimme a holla wont last lng
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also trolling motor total pack 875
do you have a picture? How old is the boat?
maybe about an early 80 model 3 seater good boat for river back bay areas no idont have a picture flat bottom good amount of room for a jon
try to get a pics today
hope it turns out [
Hey inawe, your pictures never came through....e-mail the pictures to me if you still have the jon for sale. [email protected]
hey boatless hope th pic turns out :)
sent it monday afternoon
if not sold can you send pic's
Nice to see others from the Richmond area. When you send the pic's let me know where the boat is & maybe I'll get w/ you to come look at it?
[email protected]
lakeside area ?
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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