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It's been a long time since I've posted but here goes nothing!

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Beach Sand Sky Sea Coast

It was a long 3 hour drive to AI only to find my preferred baits shop Lucky Angler's closed.... I got back on Rt 50 and went to All Tackle down the street and bought the remaining 3 bunkers they had. Arrived at AI after renewing my OSV permit around 12pm and had 3 lines in the water when the 1st rod was hit.

Here is the biggest one in the 12 I landed.
Fish Sand Cartilaginous fish Shore Sea

Nothing special to report as they were all Doggies. I was just happy to get some action! The beach was pretty empty and the gate counter only showed 14 when i arrived. It was getting chilly and I headed out around 3:30pm. On the way out, I saw a brand new F350 stuck and went to help.

I asked if they wanted a tow and they said they were OK. I stuck around just in case since I noticed he didn't have a OSV permit and assumed he didn't have anything to dig himself out. The drive eventually started letting air out of the tires. I offered my 4 auto tire deflaters and they asked what they should air down too. We got the tires to 15 PSI and after a little digging, he was able to drive out.

I'm glad I stuck around since I found out the owner of the truck was a wounded Vet.
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