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  1. Inshore Saltwater Fishing
    Hello! Couple of questions for you guys. I will be fishing for sharks from the beach in Georgetown County SC in September. I know I need a license but do I need a shark permit as well? Also I am interested in keeping a shark to eat. From what I have read I can only keep a Bonnet Head, Sharp...
  2. North Carolina
    Im planning a drum trip (kind of a newb to the surf drum game, but i feel like i've slowly taken a feel for it in terms of tackle and terminal tackle) in the outer banks sometime in the fall (Preferably October-November) and i am trying to decide if i should give Ocracoke a shot during this...
  3. South Carolina/Georgia
    Hello Everyone... I was hoping somebody could answer a simple gear question for me? I'm headed down tomorrow night for a week vacation in Myrtle. I've never fished there before, and I'm not targeting anything specific, but I will probably fish the beach in the evening/morning or piers with...
  4. Gulf Coast
    <h1>Here is a video I made on Fishing Padre Island National Seashore</h1> <h3>I hope you enjoy it...Happy Fishing!</h3>
  5. North Carolina
    Just bought a place down on Oak Island and I'm looking for some advice from anyone with experience in the area who has some to offer. We do a good bit of surf fishing and will have a little 2-man Jon Boat (will be finished rebuilding it in a week or two) that will work well for the waterway...
1-5 of 6 Results