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  1. Wrightsville and/Fort Fisher This Weekend- Advice

    North Carolina
    Hello everybody! Longtime lurker here and have appreciated all the tips and guidance. Taking my gradeschooler from Charlotte to the coast for a day trip this weekend. May not be the best time to go with the weather drop but beats the couch and neighborhood pond. As an semi- experienced...
  2. Help with Peerless number 9

    Open Forum
    my father passed away a few years back and I still have his penn peerless number 9 reels .....I finally want to put them in use ...what rods would you suggest for pier / surf ??? Thank you in advance
  3. Question: Where to go to catch Stripers and Croakers from shore

    Maryland/ Delaware
    Can someone please let me know where I can go to catch a striper from the shore or a pier. I have never caught one and I made a vow to land one this summer. I thought I'd come to the you, the experts. Thanks Also, where are other places other than Sandy Point that are pretty productive?
  4. Question: Another cutbait thread...

    Open Forum
    OK I know your all tired of the questions from the newbs, but my friend, the search button, is a coming up a little short. Down fishing the Alabama Gulf Coast, I seem to be ably to catch the ladyfish by the dozens some days and buying bait can be expensive. So after searching google the ladyfish...
  5. Got Speck?

    Open Forum
    Just thought I'd share my catch tonight with ya'll. First night surf fishing expedition and came out real good! All in all 4 specks(keepers), 1 Little speck(released), small hammerhead, 3 ladyfish, and one catfish. Anyways thought I'd share! Cheers! :beer: <a...
  6. Question: Lure's and Rod - Surf Fishing

    Open Forum
    OK this is a 2 parter: 1. What lures to fish in the surf and how? Also, would some details on rigging them to your leader as well. (Knots, Weights, Etc.) 2. Looking to add 2nd reel and rod to the stockpile for lures and, or 2nd bottom. Probably stay with spinning gear as I'm pretty new to...
  7. Beginner's Luck

    Open Forum
    Hey everyone thought I'd share some pics and fun I had with you all. Surf fishing in Gulf Shores tonight and came up with a nice Red Fish or Red Drum I do believe, not positive since it had no spot and looked just a hair different. Tell me what you all think. Also added a couple of my other...
  8. Hey there!

    Open Forum
    Hey so just joined P & S and thought i'd drop a thread to say hello. Just moved down to Gulf Shores and learning the in's and out's of inshore fishing so I'm sure I'll be here a lot ;) Also, just thought I'd add that I went surf fishing for the first time yesterday and I'm hooked. Came back with...
  9. Question: Flyfishing

    South Carolina/Georgia
    Hello all, I'm new to the Savannah area and new to this forum. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if there are any Flat's I can wade to do some Flyfishing? I've done some work down by St Simons Isl and some area's look promissing for surf, Are there any surf or flats I can get to "without a...
  10. Matagorda surf fishing video

    Open Forum
    Hello, love this website! I just recently got into surf fishing and love it! I am from Texas,(some of yall may know me from the texasfishingforum) but am moving to Hawaii (army) in two days. I am really going to miss the surf fishing in texas, so i will have to keep up with this site to make up...