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  1. New England
    im going to be striper fishing from shore this summer in pei. I would like to use mackerel for bait but i think it would be hard to catch them from where i am since it is shallow and sandy. How else can i get mackerel or what other bait could i use.
  2. New Jersey
    My uncle caught a Striper yesterday out of Husted's Landing in south Jersey and filleted it. To my suprise there was sand like clump inside the flesh of the fish next to the spine. there was nothing but this greyish brown grainy stuff like some one injected sand into the fish. it was encased in...
  3. New England
    From projo.com website Peter Vican and his 75-pounder East Greenwich angler Peter Vican landed a 75.4-pound striped bass, a new state record, pending approval by the state Division of Fish and Wildlife. A tournament-winning angler, Peter weighed the fish at Snug Harbor Marina, said Elisa...
1-3 of 3 Results