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  1. Florida
    Today was an epic day. By epic I mean I caught more species of trashfish on artificials than I ever have before. Started off at the main pier and watched a probably 25 pound king swim by in 6 feet of water. :eek: Didn't have anything but a little 2500 Shimano spooled with 8 pound mono. So I...
  2. Florida
    Fished St. Andrews Pier in the park from about 5:30pm to 8:30pm. The night would have been a big goose egg had it not been for an eel, a lizardfish and a pin fish. Other than that nothing but the crabs! NCTrader03
  3. Florida
    Headed out to St. Andrews State park this morning arriving about 8am. Headed to the jetties and started fishing. Anything but bottom fishing was slow. There was plenty of bait fish in the water. Saw some mullet busting a couple of times but that was about it. Tried free-lining some finger...
1-3 of 3 Results