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springmaid pier

  1. Pier Report: Springmaid Pier 8/11-8/14

    South Carolina/Georgia
    On 8/12 we caught several Pompanos, Spots, Sharks. On 8/13 it rained and stormed all day... My Son caught a 8 inch flounder on 8/13. A lot of ribbon fish and robin fish were being caught...
  2. Springmaid Vacation 8/11-8/14.

    South Carolina/Georgia
    I will be fishing this week at Springmaid Pier, and maybe some surf fishing on the beach. How are the fish biting? What would be a good bait and set up? Also where can I fish at Murrels Inlet? Do I need a SC fishing Lis. to fish at Murrels Inlet? Thanks!!! Rick:fishing::fishing: