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  1. New Member, in south florida!

    Hello folks my name is Justin and I am a fishaholic. :fishing: :D Anyway, a little about myself, I was born and raised here in hollywood, moved out of state a few times, to Washington State and Kansas and NY, but came back here...no place like home! Now I am unemployed and use my down time to...
  2. Pier Report: Mango Snapper 7/29/08

    Too busy with work, and family summer vacations lately - I have not had a chance to fish last a couple of months. Well, last night I decided that I will be fishing this afternoon. Told my boss I will take off an hour earlier, went and got my shrimp. I bought 3 dozens medium, but the bait shop...
  3. Where are the Mangrove Snapper in Melbourne?

    I come to florida and fish the Eau Gallie causway every year for Mangrove Snapper but this year the fishing has been horrible for me. Anyone know where they are hiding in this area? I drove down from Jersey and need to get enough for a fish fry for the family. Whiting or pompano action would be...