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  1. Save the Skyway

    Open Forum
    Many of you know one of the best fishing resources is going to start shutting the doors. The Glorious Skyway Pier. In Tampa Florida. I beg of you all to sign this petition to possibly save our pier. It just takes a Minute.. http://www.pierfishingguide.com/petition/petition.shtml One more...
  2. Pier Report: Skyway piers

    A sad loss, The old skyway is closing .. One side at a time. http://www.baynews9.com/content/36/2008/8/21/375518.html:(
  3. Pier Report: South Skyway Pier 6-20-08

    Got to the pier Sunday about 3pm. Fished the gulf side, between last bathrooms and the end. Pier was pretty much dead....must have been TOO HOT. Lots of room. Tide had just started going out so we got what little bait I could with my net, all small fry bait. Couldnt find any greenbacks with the...
  4. skyway pier 6/27

    weather was perfect.. Fishing was slow to start.. took a while to get a pinfish or 2... Couldnt get a bait to the bottom.. Damn baby mackeral were everywhere.. Both kings and spanish in the 4 inch mark.. Finally put on my special sabiki and loaded up on threadfins, and big scaled sardines.. So...