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  1. Inshore Saltwater Fishing
    Moved down to hatteras village ,looking for good spots in hatteras village and structure that holds sheepshead .
  2. Kayaking
    We went for Flounder and Sheepshead off Wise Point boat ramp, VA. Wise Point boat ramp is close to Fisherman's Island where Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (CBBT) Eastern side starts. We went for sheepshead first at the High-Rise (CBBT Eastern side). There, we caught 10 large sheepshead 5 were...
  3. Florida
    Hey guys how is everyone. I need some advice on sheepshead. They always steal my shrimp off the hook out at pier 60 and as a result im only catching a few. When should I set the hook? Should I set it hard or just kinda pull up? Im using a 1/0 circle hook on a 30lb flcarbon litr. Also...has...
  4. Florida
    I cought this unlucky sheepshead today off of pier 60 in clearwater, this is how he ended up. " Fillet of Sheapshead over Spanish risotto, Terriyaki Chiken broth, and caramalized vegetables" Ill keep posting as I catch em and cook em up !
  5. North Carolina
    hey guy, can anybody tell me a good sheep head rig to use? will be fishing this weekend. thanks :fishing::beer::beer::beer:
  6. North Carolina
    Hey guys, just in from the pier. Over the last 4 days I've worked 18 hours but fished the pier for 34!! LOL. Anyways I was livebaiting the whole time and to no avail. Oh well, soon I'll get the biggun!! Buddy of mine did spear a huge sheepshead and we grilled him out on the pier Sunday...
  7. South Carolina/Georgia
    this may not be off the pier... but if you know the man that herds the sheepies on the Tybee pier then you know, thats his boy!!!
1-7 of 7 Results