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  1. South Carolina/Georgia
    headin down to do some kayak luanching with my 14/o and my 6/0 on the 4th july weekend anyone been bringing anything in over 5' ? how is the bait running now?
  2. North Carolina
    Well Lets see...Spent 24-31 Aug in Corolla, we stayed in a nice house just a couple feet from the Sturgeon Public access in Whalehead Beach. Fishing was very tough, plenty of grass and S to N current. At times 10's and 12's weren't holding. But that didn't stop us. First morning out I...
  3. Gulf Coast
    LaSharkhunter, LaSharkHunterJr, and myself decided to head out on Sat in search of Bull Sharks. Plan A was to try to snag some of the big bull sharks that have been spotted in Trinity Bay. After some preliminary recon, we decided to try a private pier in Beach City, TX (name withheld to...
  4. North Carolina
    hey guys, I caught a 50" blacktip off carolina beach last night. I was soaking bait for a fews hours. Decided I was done. Picked up the rod to crank it in and sure enough zzzzzzzzzzzzz. Fought him for about 30 mins ending up more than a quarter mile down the beach. the best part was...
  5. North Carolina
    :D Hey guys. Got off work Saturday and went fishing on the pier till midnight. Caught some blues and spanish on jerk jiggers and then hooked 2 huge rays trhoughout the evening bottom fishing. Both were released fine. Chris and Jake were yakking out huge chunks of bait hoping to get a big...
  6. Maryland/ Delaware
    Anyone got the 411 on how surf fishing has been for toothies in Ocean City Maryland ? I'm heading down soon but haven't seen much info lately ? Ex
  7. North Carolina
    Hi guys, it's 12:30 a.m. and i'm smoked... Just got off Avon pier, fished it hard for 6 hours after work, going all day tomorrow. Plenty of ribbons and sea mullet... I got bitten off on my shark rod. A few 2 1/2 - 3 foot Atlantic Sharpnoses were caught. Oh well, I'm going for attempt number...
  8. South Carolina/Georgia
    I've caught several small sharks off the surf near Myrtle beach and Cherry Grove Beach. What type of shark could it be? I've always thought it was Sand Sharks! Thanks
  9. New Jersey
    Any good spots on the N.J. coast for shark fishing? I typically kayak out a big bait past the breakers and let my lines soak for awhile. Had good luck this week in North Carolina... What are some good spots in N.J. ? ... What species are generally caught? Thanks for the information. ~ Jon ~
  10. Inshore Saltwater Fishing
    Nearly every time I've fished AI I hook into a "mystery fish" and nearly get spooled. Last time was with a Penn 8500 SS with 20# on a 12' Tica. Looking at the Penn GS555, the Diawa X40SHA, and the Diawa X50SHA. I'm not sure if these reels have centrifugal cast controls or not. If not are they...
  11. Inshore Saltwater Fishing
    Never targeted sharks in the surf before, but i hear they are out there. Just wanna get some info on a basic shark rig. Thanks!
  12. North Carolina
    Just a little update if you happen to be following along... After I yakked my bait out and dropped off right in the middle of some feeding freny and school of jumping bait fish...yakked back to the beach... Should have realized my bait was in a really good spot bc I took a 5 minute break to...
  13. Florida
    Well after all the bonitos they were catching at juno i guess my dad got excited and wanted to see me catch something big myself, well right when he got out of work we headed toward key biscayne we decided to stop at this beach call virginia beach(dont ask me why),its right next to mast academy...
  14. Florida
    Simply put...... How many of yall eaten em?.. and are they any good? Ive heard there good..Lobster ike.. then i heard they arent... whats your take?
  15. The Fishing Bible
    After a shark died from the fight on Thursday, I harvested the flesh and extracted the jaws. As I sat watching a movie in my living room and cleaning the jaws, I realized the only place I ever saw directions for cleaning and preserving shark jaws were on an older Australian site dedicated to...
  16. The Fishing Bible
    Here ya go...I combined several ideas into one VERY well working rig. Over grass, deployment is 100%, over about 20 casts except the one time I threw it into a tree.... The supplies: 10' .080 Weedeater cord. Berkley size 6, 210lb. crimp sleeves, crushed slightly in a vise, for pass-thru. 1...
  17. The Fishing Bible
    I figured with all the questions on how to prep a shark within the various sections here, I'd give my 2 cents. I'm a catch-and-release kind of sharker, but I keep one or two males of the common species every once in a while. I had a small (36 3/4" FL) blacktip die on my line last night, which...
1-17 of 17 Results