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  1. Maryland/ Delaware
    http://lh5.ggpht.com/decentfishing/SL63cn58XcI/AAAAAAAAANg/VaVcYe4mNWo/s576/SPSP9-3-08.jpg Since kits were back to school, decided to do some blue fishing at SPSP yesterday. Arrived around 2 pm. As expected, only a few people were fishing on the shore, and less number of the people was...
  2. Maryland/ Delaware
    The rays are back.... big'uns... making the clickers scream and getting you excited for no reason.. pesky little buggers... caught one on friday.. another one on Saturday.. otherwise, the usual suspects are there... spot and stuff. although the white perch are getting big...
  3. Maryland/ Delaware
    Sorry for late post but I was wore out from a softball game triple header sat morning and the fishing that night, :--|but anyways Sat night: Got to SPSP about 6pm and it was packed, so we left and went Kent Narrow and fished for spot on Sidiki and bottom rig using clams and Bw. We caught 6 spot...
  4. Maryland/ Delaware
    One word for you.... Sucks! Went last night caught little spot and perch, never going back there again. :--|
  5. Maryland/ Delaware
    Got to SPSP by 11am, had lines in the water by 11:30am. Left at 2:55pm.. Caught: 24 spot 3 3inch Croakers (released) And only used a half bag of bloods.. :)
  6. Maryland/ Delaware
    Fished at SPSP Sunday morning 8am-2pm. Not much besides very small spots. Caught about 10 spots and two 10 inch blues. Everyone was catching about the same small fishes. Tried to rent a boat but they said it was too windy to go out. Does anyone have any good spots to hit next time I do rent a...
  7. Maryland/ Delaware
    ...will be flying solo tomorrow morning, probably somewhere on the sand near the small craft boat launch. May bring the ol green canoe if not too choppy. Thoughts on techniques other than BW or squid until I can catch some fresh bait? May have to break out the gulp bait, yall have turned me into...
  8. Maryland/ Delaware
    fished spsp. from 1-5 pm. used fishbite bloodworms to catch more than enough spot for bait. Used the cut spot to catch a ton of blues. The snappers were thick. As soon as it hit the water i would bring in 2 at a time. Also had a fish finder rig out with spot heads trying for something...
  9. Maryland/ Delaware
    Fished SPSP Sunday from 5pm-10pm, high tide was around 8 pm. Had my girl and cousin with me. Set up about 20 feet from the No swimming sign but still had to deal with people swimming under the lines. Everyone respected the kind "please move down" except one idiot who just sat in the water in...
  10. Maryland/ Delaware
    Took the wife and kids to SPSP last night for a little fishing action. We fished from 11pm to about 6am this morning. We were getting lbites from little stripers and small croakers and I figured the big ones had to be around somewhere. I loaded up the big rod and launched as far as I could. Rod...
  11. Maryland/ Delaware
    saturday, before the storm hit.. keeper blues, not huge by any means but keeper lots of em, i mean lots... later when storm approaches, lifeguards clear the beach... cleared up, then more blues... croakers found were undersize... no big 'uns .. that's it.. :fishing:
  12. Maryland/ Delaware
    hung out with some friends and then went fishin on beach. i was lonely fishin, no one to see me catch a bunch of lil blues, and a 20" and 26" striper :( ok time to go out c ya
  13. Maryland/ Delaware
    To my surprise, the beach bruisers were at a minimum when i showed up at 11 am. I fished until 11 pm. The count and species was: 27 bluefish (all ranged between 8-18 inches) and caught an endless supply of spot (one was 10 inches) and perch (about 12) all in all, it was a slammin day since it...
  14. Maryland/ Delaware
    Caught a total of 15 fish: 2 small croaker (threw back) 2 small rockfish (under 15"...threw back) 2 white perch 9 Spot Fished for 4 hours from Midnight-4am
  15. Maryland/ Delaware
    It has been months since I was able and capable, because of moving,school, and GAS! to get out to SPSP. Will anyone honestly tell me if the beach is insanely populated by those who refuse to pay attention to the "NO SWIMMING" in our fishing area? Within the next 2 days, I will brave going there...
  16. Maryland/ Delaware
    fish spsp today. got the rods in the water and immediatly started getting bites. didnt catch any, but was getting bites, from blues i guess. was using cut bunker fresh. the flies were however, out of controll. i was getting eaten alive. i stayed an hour or less, i couldnt take it anymore...
1-16 of 16 Results