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  1. Virginia
    Can anybody confirm any drum being caught- 4 fish over 40 lbs.?
  2. Virginia
    Last week's trip to Sandbridge was a pretty good one, with the exception of high winds and grass on Thursday and Friday. I kept a journal of each attack I made on the critters, so here goes..... *(ALL REPORTS NOT OTHERWISE SPECIFIED ARE FROM SANDBRIDGE BEACH BETWEEN CHUB AND ROCK LANE)* Sat...
  3. Virginia
    My family has rented a place in SB again this summer for two weeks. Parents have already gotten down there, but I'm stuck at work till the second week:mad:. Anyway, my father has been hitting the blues really well at first and last light, mostly big snappers with some small taylors mixed in. He...
  4. Virginia
    can anyone give me some tips on fishing the surf or pier there. im planning my first trip july 27th. ive heard the surf is good for reds. i also heard some people talking about pompano, i didnt think there were any in va waters...:fishing:
  5. Virginia
    I was thinking about heading down the road to Sandbridge pier next Monday. I was going to go tommorrow, but didn't get a chance to pick up wire today. Anyway, I could use a little in person advice on my daiwa x30sha if some of you are going to be out there. Hell, I've noticed alot of you from...
  6. Virginia
    My 44lb King Dan's 47lb King Paul's 72lb Tarpon
  7. Virginia
    at L.I.P this morning angel got a 20LB 5 oz king this am some time before 9:30 am someone hooked and lost a tarpon to day some time between 9:30 am and 1:30 pm
1-7 of 7 Results