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  1. Virginia
    How should I use sabiki rigs? I have no experience with them and was wondering how/if I should bait them, and what should I expect to catch with them.:confused: They are so small it looks like I would catch tiny fish :mad: Any suggestions?
  2. Inshore Saltwater Fishing
    Can you guys help me pick out a good sabiki rig for spots, croakers, and maybeblues. and what size hooks and u just attach it to a regular bottom rig right?
  3. Inshore Saltwater Fishing
    So, i've seen so much about Sabiki's!! they have 5 different brands in Walmart alone... I finally bought some! looking for the good ones, I bought hayabusa, mustad, and daiichi, they seem to be working good! but I kept catching baby Porgy, croaker, and spot.... looking to catch good baitfish...
1-3 of 3 Results