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  1. Virginia
    the guy caught a large red drum on spot fishing at rudee inlet dureing the storm hanna it was some where in the mid to upper 30 ins when i spotted him he was on the rock trying to resuscitate the fish but he must have had it out of the water to long and killed it so he took it home
  2. Virginia
    Fished the rail today from 530 till 930. Saw lots of big blues hitting the water, but they wouldnt hit a single lure I was throwing at them. Only caught about 10 good spots. Really slow, one guy said he was catching small puppy drum like crazy on the surf...who knows. Hope someone else had a...
  3. Virginia
    Fished Rudee from around 5pm-9pm, had a good time! Good number of people and kids with 1/2 oz weights tangling people up but that's ok! I was having fun with Flounder, my flounder rig was luring them to the rocks below the wall, and I could actually see massive amounts of flounders following my...
  4. Virginia
    Has any one fished rudee inlet and if so is anything biting
1-4 of 4 Results