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  1. Maryland/ Delaware
    My brother inlaw went out yesterday to Romancoke during the day. He did pretty good with them blues!!!! All blues were between 15"-18". Any one else fished lately around the Kent Island Area? I'm tempting to do some bottom surf fishing, kind of tired of lure fishing..... Penn
  2. Maryland/ Delaware
    IS romancoke open 24 hours and how has the fishing and crabbing been in the last 2 weeks?
  3. Maryland/ Delaware
    Fished the Coke (Romancoke) pier Saturday night from 10pm-530am. Well I drove by Matapeake and it looked real crowded so I drove down to teh Coke and to my amazement not too bad. I was on the right side right before the "T" next to the Oh Shyt swimming ladder. I used some nice fat BW's I got...
1-3 of 3 Results