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reel maintenance

  1. penn 320gti/321gti/320gt2 rebuild

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    this rebuild post has been long overdue. the penn 3 series graphite reels have been workhorses since the day they were introduced. there are 5 reel sizes and 9 models, including the 310gti, 320gti, 321gti, 320gt2, 320ld, 330gti, 330ld, 340gti and 345gti. we will start with the largest...
  2. Reel maintenance and rebuild threads

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    General maintenance thread Daiwa Sealine x 30shv rebuild Daiwa Saltist rebuild Shimano Trinidad 30 rebuild Penn Squidder 140 145 146 rebuild Penn Jigmaster 500/501 rebuild 2/0 Penn Senator 111 rebuild
  3. Abu 6500 C3CT Blue Yonder Service

    The Fishing Bible
    Here's the way I disassemble and reassemble the Abu 6500 C3CT Blue Yonder. This is just to show you how I do it; it may not be the quickest, or the most correct, but I don't have parts left over and my reels work :) I purposefully did not get into bearing cleaning, oiling, bearing types or the...