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  1. South Carolina/Georgia
    I went out Tuesday at 10:20am. I caught 4 reds all in the slot range with the smallest at 15 1/2in up to 17in. I pulled the hook from a bigger one and did get a lot of bites. All on live mullet. The little fingerlings are everywhere. Incredible how I dont throw a cast nets for months and sooo...
  2. Gulf Coast
    <h1>Here is a video I made on Fishing Padre Island National Seashore</h1> <h3>I hope you enjoy it...Happy Fishing!</h3>
  3. Florida
    Took the kid to school and decided to make a stop by the pier to see how it was coming along. Figured I might as well take my pompano rod. First cast, this hits. Not a pompano but a nice red, probably 24-25". Only fish caught but I didn't stay long since it was cold and windy. Sorry about the...
  4. Inshore Saltwater Fishing
    Hello, love this website! I just recently got into surf fishing and love it! I am from Texas,(some of yall may know me from the texasfishingforum) but am moving to Hawaii (army) in two days. I am really going to miss the surf fishing in texas, so i will have to keep up with this site to make up...
  5. Florida
    Caught on cut Bonita. Released, and still swimming around in Big Pass near Sarasota. Caught June 25.
1-5 of 6 Results