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  1. Video: Surf Fishing Padre Island National Seashore

    Gulf Coast
    <h1>Here is a video I made on Fishing Padre Island National Seashore</h1> <h3>I hope you enjoy it...Happy Fishing!</h3>
  2. Surf Report: PCB redfish 12/5/2008

    Took the kid to school and decided to make a stop by the pier to see how it was coming along. Figured I might as well take my pompano rod. First cast, this hits. Not a pompano but a nice red, probably 24-25". Only fish caught but I didn't stay long since it was cold and windy. Sorry about the...
  3. Matagorda surf fishing video

    Open Forum
    Hello, love this website! I just recently got into surf fishing and love it! I am from Texas,(some of yall may know me from the texasfishingforum) but am moving to Hawaii (army) in two days. I am really going to miss the surf fishing in texas, so i will have to keep up with this site to make up...
  4. 36" Redfish

    Caught on cut Bonita. Released, and still swimming around in Big Pass near Sarasota. Caught June 25.