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red drum

  1. Beginner's Luck

    Open Forum
    Hey everyone thought I'd share some pics and fun I had with you all. Surf fishing in Gulf Shores tonight and came up with a nice Red Fish or Red Drum I do believe, not positive since it had no spot and looked just a hair different. Tell me what you all think. Also added a couple of my other...
  2. Video: Surf Fishing Padre Island National Seashore

    Gulf Coast
    <h1>Here is a video I made on Fishing Padre Island National Seashore</h1> <h3>I hope you enjoy it...Happy Fishing!</h3>
  3. Surf Report: PCB redfish 12/5/2008

    Took the kid to school and decided to make a stop by the pier to see how it was coming along. Figured I might as well take my pompano rod. First cast, this hits. Not a pompano but a nice red, probably 24-25". Only fish caught but I didn't stay long since it was cold and windy. Sorry about the...
  4. Mathews Pups, round two

    Went to New Point again this past weekend and caught a few more Pups. This time caught them wade fishing sight casting, it was the coolest thing ever. I walked out to set the crab pot on a large sandbar which is bordered on the right by deep water, and quess what? A school of Puppy Drum in the...
  5. Surf Report: Corolla Report

    North Carolina
    Well Lets see...Spent 24-31 Aug in Corolla, we stayed in a nice house just a couple feet from the Sturgeon Public access in Whalehead Beach. Fishing was very tough, plenty of grass and S to N current. At times 10's and 12's weren't holding. But that didn't stop us. First morning out I...
  6. Boating Report Drummy Delayed report.

    North Carolina
    Added 9/2/08, Pictures have been reposted down below. Red Drum Fishing Thursday. 8/30/08 10 tagged fish, 3 un-tagged.
  7. giving the pups a try

    I'm going out in the back yard to try out the pups. I think this weather might be what it takes to get it started. Me and my woman are going to try. It is great to live right on the beach and to have a girlfriend that likes to fish to. Life is good.:D
  8. Gear: Drum Fishing

    What is the best reel to buy for drum, striper, and cobia fishing? I'm looking to buy a nice reel for this year's drum run. All information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  9. Sandbridge

    Can anybody confirm any drum being caught- 4 fish over 40 lbs.?
  10. LIP Tomorrow

    Any one else got plans to go tomorrow? What about Monday i know what you guys are going to say its going to be packed well its time we start getting used to it frum season is almost here!! :--|
  11. Surf Report: Ponce Inlet 08/28/08

    Mullet RUN is ON strong!!!! 2' to 3' surf north current fished:fishing: low to high tide 1:00 to 5:00 pm commercial guys were out in force guy next to me caught 2 reds and 1 black tip rich laid into a 24" red and i laid into a 31" red and a 4' black tip
  12. Fishen BBNWR

    Just got my Rod Racks done on my bike. Cannt waitf to go and try them out Drum season. They are a little getto but veary sterdy and dont at all get in the way. After about 50 all together broken or used zipe ties The process is comeplete!!! :cool: \
  13. Surf Report: Mathews Pups

    Last Saturday was the first time I fished in Va. in quite a while. Wade fished around New Point, Kinda hard to find deep water, but found a channel close to shore and there they were. Caught a bunch prospecting with shrimp, all below slot and released. The tide was incoming and as it filled in I...
  14. Puppy drum

    Heres my report: Wednesday, ASk4fish caught a 25", 27", and lost a 35"+. Both fish were thick. And last night me and ask caught a bunch of like 14, 15" they were fun light tackle But i havent seen that big of drum before getting caught this early hopefully it will be a good year
  15. Newbie introduction and question (spring bull red run)

    North Carolina
    Hey Guys, This is my first post on pier and surf. Great board you all have here. I live in Sugar Land Texas (actually Scottish though). I land based shark fish March through October, and then pier and surf fish for Bull reds from November to February. I have read the amazing reports about...
  16. Question: Best Tide to fish for Red Drum

    North Carolina
    I know that everyone has their opinions on this but I would like to hear what others have to say. Is it best to fish at high or low tide and is it best to fish on incoming or outgoing.