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ponce inlet

  1. Surf Report: Ponce Inlet

    Hey guys any idea how fishing the Ponce inlet/ Sunglow Pier location might fair this morning. I have some friends who are desperate to fish this morning.
  2. Surf Report: Ponce Inlet 08/28/08

    Mullet RUN is ON strong!!!! 2' to 3' surf north current fished:fishing: low to high tide 1:00 to 5:00 pm commercial guys were out in force guy next to me caught 2 reds and 1 black tip rich laid into a 24" red and i laid into a 31" red and a 4' black tip
  3. Ponce Reds & why I don't ever get up early to go fishing 7/26 - 7/27

    Spent the weekend in Ponce. Woke up early before the sun came up both Sat. and Sun. morning. Both times decided to kill the time fishing while waiting for wife and kids to wake up. Sat. morning spent the early morning hours at Dunlawton flat bridge. It was a nice sunrise and water was flat as a...
  4. Ponce Inlet 7/11/08

    fished incoming tide about an hour water temp. is getting warmer mid 70s there was plenty of bait in the water nice ground swell all day fished with some neighborhood friends his first slot red fish storm ran us off