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  1. Florida
    From the PCB area and just got a new Saragosa 6000. I do a lot of inshore fishing so little 3000-4000 set ups i’m good on. Though i’ve been fishing the pier and jetty more and realized I needed a heavier set up. Every one on the pier at the end is fishing for kings and like tarpon and has like...
  2. Inshore Saltwater Fishing
    my father passed away a few years back and I still have his penn peerless number 9 reels .....I finally want to put them in use ...what rods would you suggest for pier / surf ??? Thank you in advance
  3. Maryland/ Delaware
    Can someone please let me know where I can go to catch a striper from the shore or a pier. I have never caught one and I made a vow to land one this summer. I thought I'd come to the you, the experts. Thanks Also, where are other places other than Sandy Point that are pretty productive?
1-3 of 3 Results