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  1. Surf Report: Weekend pax nas

    Maryland/ Delaware
    Location: PAX River NAS Goose Creek DATE/ TIME: 28 AUG 08 from 1800-0045 and 31 AUG 08 1600-0137 BAIT USED: Squid/Blood Worms/ Cut Bait/ Blood Worm Fish Bites FISH CAUGHT: BLUE FISH, Puppy Drum, Spot, Striped Bass, white perch WEATHER: Rain/wind the 28th, Sunny and Hot the 31st. Went...
  2. Pax Report 8/16-8/17

    Maryland/ Delaware
    Fished PAX this weekend with my dad. Went out 5 am to Greenwell State Park, threw top water poppers, had three large misses, then it shut down. Went to Broomes Island marker and got into a large school of busting blue fish. Threw hopkins, and Zara Spook, we both caught and released many...
  3. Pax saturay night

    Maryland/ Delaware
    Was anyone there when the storm hit saturday night? We were starting to get some bites down by the old pier and got out of the rain but the way the lightning was coming down we left and came home early. A couple of times it hit close and you could feel the electricity in the area. Time to go...
  4. Pax nas 7-19

    Maryland/ Delaware
    Finally got to fish about 2:45 AM Sat. The tide was rolling and rough on the bay side. I caught a small spot and I knew that it was a possibility that some blues were in the area because I was not catching anything. I caught a nice 15 inch blue and a 10 inch blue. So, I knew there was no...