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  1. Florida
    From the PCB area and just got a new Saragosa 6000. I do a lot of inshore fishing so little 3000-4000 set ups i’m good on. Though i’ve been fishing the pier and jetty more and realized I needed a heavier set up. Every one on the pier at the end is fishing for kings and like tarpon and has like...
  2. Florida
    Took the kid to school and decided to make a stop by the pier to see how it was coming along. Figured I might as well take my pompano rod. First cast, this hits. Not a pompano but a nice red, probably 24-25". Only fish caught but I didn't stay long since it was cold and windy. Sorry about the...
  3. Florida
    Today was an epic day. By epic I mean I caught more species of trashfish on artificials than I ever have before. Started off at the main pier and watched a probably 25 pound king swim by in 6 feet of water. :eek: Didn't have anything but a little 2500 Shimano spooled with 8 pound mono. So I...
1-3 of 3 Results