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  1. Gulf Coast
    Made a "Run and Gun" with Fishin Rod and his daughter...Hit Packery to find weed and wind :mad::mad: . Weed was coming in the channel with the tide making fishing fun for the kids... :redface: . Nathan was able to get one trout. He is really coming along in his fishing and casting. I'm proud to...
  2. Gulf Coast
    Just to let you guys know. The conditions are getting better at Packery. Reports of good trout fishing on the North Jetty with a lemon rig and live shrimp. One report came in as seeing small Tarpon in the cannel. Won't be long before the kings show up....
  3. Gulf Coast
    Good friend made it down there to see this guy catch a Jack. Click for the video... http://www.vimeo.com/933556
1-4 of 4 Results