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  1. Virginia
    LOL nuthin..but ONE croaker...small enough to mistake as a minnow :) I wanted to see what the surge would bring us, but I think maybe it was low tide...and we DID have a few strong bites (thinking the bluefish were tuggin on the squid) So, if we can make it out there tomorrow night, we'll try...
  2. Virginia
    I tried all weekend for the pups or anything that would bite. Not much luck, one lone pup, one pompano, a couple of blues, and one small croaker. Last nite there were alot of small croaker, but they were real small couldnt hardly hook them.
  3. Virginia
    I'm going out on the ocean view headboat tomorrow morning. I went about 2 weekends ago with the basic double drop rig, bloodworms and squid and caught enough croaker for a family fish fry :D. I was wondering what type of rigs, bait etc... I should use to catch something different. Any advice...
  4. Virginia
    I have'nt been on here in a long time, I am living right on the beach on 13th bay street. Me and my girlfriend fished last night an caught some nice bluefish and a shark and small croaker. I will be fishing alot now that I am living on the beach so I will post plenty of reports. Hey whats up...
  5. Virginia
    Headed down from Ric this weekend. Would like to know what going on at OVP. Saw some reports but they were old.
  6. Virginia
    Anyone know what has happened to the SPOT fishing in Ocean View? Fish at the pier today, caught 30+ croaker & only 2 Spot. Used Bloodworms & BW Fishbites too, but still croaker. (should have just used squid & saved some $$$). Anyone have any ideas?
  7. Virginia
    is anyone hitting on any spanish out on the pier...................
  8. Virginia
    Got up this morning and was at the store getting bait and ran into my pops who didnt have to work today. So after a minute i talked him into going fishing with me down at the ov pier. Got there and broke out the clam bait and wouldnt you know after a couple minutes he pulls in a tagged sea...
1-8 of 8 Results