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  1. Maryland/ Delaware
    Delaware blows!!!! closing tog season that early... shore fishermen like me are s.o.l the tog are there, nice and fat... at the IRI but can't keep 'em... so we have to run more south now... OC inlet??? news? that's next on the list I guess, get those sand fleas ready!!!
  2. Maryland/ Delaware
    Fished OC inlet and Oceanic pier Sunday from 2AM til 2 pm. Thats a lot of fishing. Sad part is I only got a hand full of short flounder. I was using minnow I had to buy cause I couldnt get any spot anywhere. Sure wish I had seen the thread about the spot at chop tank pier. I think thats...
  3. Maryland/ Delaware
    going down to OC this weekend for a buddy birthday, we rented a beach house. never been down to Ocean City fishing before, was wondering if anyone knows any good spot or suggestion where we can fish at night, and catch some blues or flounders. heard route50 bridge pier is pretty good? (where...
1-3 of 3 Results