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  1. North Carolina
    I joined this site late last summer after a family member got a place down on Oak Island. I have made a few posts asking for pointers, so I figured I might as well let you all know how the fishin was coming so someone could make use of the little bit I seem to have picked up. Its taken a while...
  2. North Carolina
    Just bought a place down on Oak Island and I'm looking for some advice from anyone with experience in the area who has some to offer. We do a good bit of surf fishing and will have a little 2-man Jon Boat (will be finished rebuilding it in a week or two) that will work well for the waterway...
  3. North Carolina
    hey guys, Had some friends staying down at my old stomping grounds. Managed to hit the surf at the high tide and had a blast. had constant action on the small rods rigged with shrimp pieces. ended up keeping about 7 pomps in the 9 - 10" range. Kept 4 kingfish (sea mullet) in the same...
  4. North Carolina
    Going down next week for a few days? Any P&S members fished the point recently? pups, flounder or blues? I might hit the point instead of in front of the house, nothing but small sand sharks :rolleyes: Thanks
1-4 of 4 Results