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  1. North Carolina
    Fishing was great at nags head yesterday- caught my limit on spanish macks in 4 hours from 11 am to 3 pm and even managed to pull in 2 dolphin fish- however what are the long/GAR looking fish- there were everywhere and they have incredible fight- i was very suprised- does anyone know thier...
  2. North Carolina
    Whats biting and what bait works best- I was planning to start out with squid and shrimp
  3. North Carolina
    Thought the moderate East winds would lead to a weekend of great fishing... Brought my teen daughter along... We rounded up some sand fleas and went to the Bonner catwalk. Water was pretty and the current strong. The fishing was poor. Moved to the Nags Head Pier hoping for Spanish at...
  4. North Carolina
    Drove my daughter and friend down so they could say at the friend's beach home for a week. I stayed Tuesday night. Fished Nags Head Pier Tuesday afternoon. The water was pretty but fishing slow. Managed a couple of Blues and one keeper Spanish. Wednesday they were calling for a big rain and...
  5. North Carolina
    Went out this morning before dawn and launched into the ocean. Winds out of the NE and confused seas. waves out of the East 1-2 feet at 9 sec and other sets out of the NE 1-3 feet at less than a second. Water is still insanely clear. I could see my red/white gotcha plug on the bottom in 25 feet...
1-5 of 5 Results