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  1. Maryland/ Delaware
    Fished Matapeake from sun up until just before noon on outgoing tide. Had fresh shrimp, smelt, and gulp shrimp. Fished top/bottom off of the left side and end of pier. Not a single fish and only two legitmate bites on the smelt. Was surprised that even the fresh shrimp was unproductive! Saw...
  2. Maryland/ Delaware
    Hey new to the forum, just wanted to let people now im fishing kent narrows and matapeake tonite and all day tommorow. ill let everyone know how it turns out. ive only been to kent narrows a few times and it seems impossible not to get hung up unless you move down away from the bridge anyone...
  3. Maryland/ Delaware
    left early to beat the bb traffic. got to matapeak at 4:45, soon as the bw hit the water about 30 yards off the right end of the pier the spot were all over them. cut 1 and set it out on a 6/0 rig. caught several nice spot for the cooler and some smaller for bait threw back at least 10. kept 1...
  4. Maryland/ Delaware
    This past Friday evening, my girlfriend and I took a walk out on the pier after dark.. We had just come from the Red Eye Dock. There were 2 million people out there, BUT there were some real nice 15-17 inch bluefish in the coolers, on the front part of the pier. "These larger fish had just...
  5. Maryland/ Delaware
    worth the trip to matapeake any suggestions? (45 min ride)
1-5 of 5 Results