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  1. Virginia
    Fished the outgoing from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Tons of bait in the water. Caught about 12 decent size croaker, a small sea bass, one pig fish and a few pin fish using BW Fishbites. Toward the end I eeked out 3 spot of decent size. Thought the fishing was going to be better since the winds were...
  2. Virginia
    Fished 7pm until 1130 pm incomming tide caught 2 small pups 10in.and a bunch of small blues. out going got got 2 small flounder 16 & 17 in. more small blues and 1 31in striper. Used cut bait mullitt and menhaden for bait. Fished boat ramp side.
  3. Virginia
    Fished Lynnhaven Pier from 5pm to 8pm and had pretty good success. Puppy Drum bite was active with all of my catches of them coming on Mullet heads. Also, caught decent Flounder, but not quite legal size, and some nice size Spot and Croaker. Oh yeah, and a couple of nice Blues that hit my cut...
  4. Virginia
    What is going on at lynnhaven pier? Last that I heard there was lots of crabs. What I was wondering if there is a grass problem like on the oceanside. What is biting? I am thinking of going down this weekend I dont know.
  5. Virginia
    Fished the outgoing tide this Saturday afternoon from 4:00 pm until sun set. The bite was not consistent but I managed 11 medium croaker and one hand size spot on BW Fishbites. Threw Mirrolures the last 45 minutes with no bumps from puppy drum or trout... but then again the tide was fairly slack...
  6. Virginia
    Heres my report: Wednesday, ASk4fish caught a 25", 27", and lost a 35"+. Both fish were thick. And last night me and ask caught a bunch of like 14, 15" they were fun light tackle But i havent seen that big of drum before getting caught this early hopefully it will be a good year
  7. Virginia
    Fished Lynnhaven pier from about 12am - 730am with brother and a few people that he knew on the pier. (small world). Lots of Spot! Croaker, Roundhead, Grey Trout, and the occasional Crab were brought up using the Bottom rig, everything but the crab on the Sabiki using just squid. Bluefish...
  8. Virginia
    me and the wife got to the flounder fest around 6am this morning. their was so much bait in the water that she was trying to eat them. we stayed till 915am because we were hungry. we stoped at ocean east to sock up. then my wife wonted to go back ,so we went back from 11am to 2pm and slayed them...
  9. Virginia
    Wore out the flounder there today. Between my brother and i, we ended up with around 50 flatties. All of them were 17 or smaller.
  10. Virginia
    Anyone know a decent place to throw a net to get some finger mullets near Lynnhaven Pier? I am trying to get a basket full of live ones before heading out on to the pier for a while. Would prefer not to pay the parking fee at Lesner then have to drive across the street and pay the pier fee too.
  11. Virginia
    me and the wife fished from about 930am to about 1130am. we caught a mess loud of flattys in no time at all. my wife was getting one on ever cast just about. she had three fish befor i could finish getting set up. this was are first time we have fished this spot and we are hooked, what a great...
  12. Virginia
    Fished Lynnhaven pier from around 1:30-7:30am, fished mid way for about 30 minutes and got nothing but a baby croaker. Moved down near the end, BINGO!!! Here is a rough draft of how the fishing went... Spot x10 - Croaker - Spot x7 - Croaker - Spot x5 - 9" Speckled trout - Spot x10 - Croaker...
  13. Virginia
    Fished today 10am-2pm...outgoing tide using gulp! and cut spot...caught a few away from the bridge both inside and out biggest being 17.5" LOTS of menhaden in the water as we were leaving...kept a few for salting
1-13 of 13 Results