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  1. Virginia
    in the last few days some spanish macs were landed
  2. Virginia
    spots on FBBW some blues on pens at arround 8 a shark was brought up think it was a dusky. buit the highlight of the day was when darin and scot were like I've had it with these spot fisherman everyone get their rods and throw out a bottom bait. and sure enough we got all of them off the end and...
  3. Virginia
    Can anybody confirm any drum being caught- 4 fish over 40 lbs.?
  4. Virginia
    Any one else got plans to go tomorrow? What about Monday i know what you guys are going to say its going to be packed well its time we start getting used to it frum season is almost here!! :--|
  5. Virginia
    What an interesting day what can i say about it. Well i didnt catch any fish just some salad nothing else. Heard it was hard to get bait for the early birds they said they didnt get it untill 8:00am. Even though i didnt catch anything thats fine with me because i will have those memories with...
  6. Virginia
    if you have been to lip in the last few weeks or so you may have noticed a strange looking fish. I called it an angel fish because it well looked like one but after looking through a fish identifying book i have noticed that it is a young african pompano. this is what it looked like in the...
  7. Virginia
    How busy is LIP during weekdays? The few times I have gone there on the weekend, it has always seemed like the regulars out there fill the pier. Even seemed a little hostile towards the outsiders. I am fishing tomorrow morning and was considering going out there, but not if there is going to...
  8. Virginia
    Fished from 530-4pm,,,,Verrry slow, scattered blues, barely enough for bait...BUT at 11 o'clock, I hooked up and landed my first King, 32 lbs, 50 in. Thanks Rolland, Slack and Vinny!!!! Then at 2 o clock, Vinny hooked up and landed a 63 lb Cobia....After that, couldn't tell ya.... I have pics...
  9. Virginia
    Suh, After much POLITICAL DEBATE, I strongly urge the LIP FAITHFUL to place a PETITION in the pier shack at LIP. A sign should be posted,alerting the users of it's existance. A reasonable REQUEST( like a hundred foot length addition and an adequate "T" ) should be then presented to the City of...
  10. Virginia
    Mack caught a 62lb King Mackerel last Wednesday at 1pm on the high tide.
  11. Virginia
    Heard of a beeg cobia hooked on a float rig today (bait was soakin' fer a good 5 minutes )..30 min fight...heard it was close to gaff / net...and the improbable happened....straighten the snap swivel.....and swam away...my deepest condolences.;).... Friends dont let friends hear the last of...
  12. Virginia
    Fished 6am till close, awesome day, awesome water, awesome catches. Spot, Blues, Spanish, Gars, Kings, and Cobia. NE winds. Water temperature 79* Quentin's Gar Brian's 65lb Cobia Tony's 39lb King Mackerel
  13. Virginia
    as we all know, the scales at LIP only go up to 60 lbs which has proved to be somewhat inadequate, especially when we catch the larger fish (tarpon, sharks, large cobia, etc.) as some of you know, I helped to get the weigh station and scales to LIP; as you also know, the City isn't going to buy...
  14. Virginia
    I was thinking about heading down the road to Sandbridge pier next Monday. I was going to go tommorrow, but didn't get a chance to pick up wire today. Anyway, I could use a little in person advice on my daiwa x30sha if some of you are going to be out there. Hell, I've noticed alot of you from...
  15. Virginia
    Several years ago the city finally made a proposal to try and get some saltwater license money to make the pier longer and add a t-head at the end. At the time the license money supply was very low and the project couldn't be funded in entirety. If my memory is correct they were given some money...
  16. Virginia
    My 44lb King Dan's 47lb King Paul's 72lb Tarpon
  17. Virginia
    at L.I.P this morning angel got a 20LB 5 oz king this am some time before 9:30 am someone hooked and lost a tarpon to day some time between 9:30 am and 1:30 pm
  18. Virginia
    yes that is how i summed it all up yesterday. guys were saying yesterday morning that the menhaden were at the end of the pier in the morning. spot bite through out the day on and off nothing too special. the only excitement when i was their was an osprey trying to get the baits. Good luck to...
1-18 of 18 Results