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king mackerel

  1. mercury missiles

    Made it my goal this fall to put a 30+ lb king in the kayak. Getting close, but just havent been able to get lucky with a really big one yet. Had some pretty good action with fish from the upper teens to mid 20's, so I cant complain. I guess i'll keep trying until i get a smoker or the cool...
  2. Fall King Mac Tourn

    South Carolina/Georgia
    Anybody planning to fish the Myrtle Beach King Mac Tourn on the piers in a couple weeks? I am if the storms don't tear everything up.
  3. pin rigging reel

    Open Forum
    i am looking for a pin(king) rigging reel to fit my 6' ocean master rod.. i am looking through some i like but i would like to hear what the people who have done it before say..if u could give me suggestions it would be nice. my price range would be around 100 bucks. right now i am mostly...
  4. I can catch a decent king pin riggin on a big flueger spinning reel...

    Open Forum
    with 300 yards of 30 pound, right?
  5. Picture of Mack's 62lb King LIP

  6. LIP Forgot about this King 62lbs

    Mack caught a 62lb King Mackerel last Wednesday at 1pm on the high tide.
  7. LIP Pictures of King Macks & Tarpon

    My 44lb King Dan's 47lb King Paul's 72lb Tarpon
  8. King Rig 101

    The Fishing Bible
    Well its been a few months since I've posted and it took a while to read all the new posts. I saw Mike, Mr. Jeep requested a king rig 101 and being that I owe him a favor here it is. Again, this is a 101, if ya need 200 or above don't ask me. As far as background, you want to throw king rigs...