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kent narrows

  1. Pier Report: Kent Narrows

    Maryland/ Delaware
    Hit the outgoing tide last night at Kent Narrows. Dink rocks between 8-14" were in force, hitting the water and nibbling bass assassins. BA and other lures were not producing so I cast net some nice peanut bunker and floated them on the surface, but this too, did not produce. It took a little...
  2. Kent Island tonight and tomorrow

    Maryland/ Delaware
    Hey new to the forum, just wanted to let people now im fishing kent narrows and matapeake tonite and all day tommorow. ill let everyone know how it turns out. ive only been to kent narrows a few times and it seems impossible not to get hung up unless you move down away from the bridge anyone...
  3. report Kent Narrows

    Maryland/ Delaware
    arrived there around 4pm fished by piney narrows yacht club. used a sibiki rig to get small spot, worked well until it got snagged:mad: live lined for some stripers for awhile then cut up some spot for blues. had 1 good hit on cut spot but missed it while rigging my light tackle rod for more...
  4. Surf Report: Kn 7-27

    Maryland/ Delaware
    wife wanted to fish, so i got her up at 4 dark o'clock:D and headed to KN. stoped at angler's to get some peelers no go dude said they haven't had peelers all year:mad: should have went to fishbones on sat.to getsome. sorry but allways disapointed when buying bait thier. kept some spot from sat...