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  1. Maryland/ Delaware
    Last weekend at the beach and so I got in a few hours of fishing. I was going after the flounder at IRI again. Fished Saturday from 1p-about 2:45. Was using jigs tiped with strips of cut filet. The water was very choppy and lots of caps. The south side was packed. ALl the guys I saw were...
  2. Maryland/ Delaware
    While enjoying a 3 day weekend at the beach, I was able to get in a few hours of fishing on Sunday at IRI. Fished from 1p-3:30 pm on the south side. Was a lot of people out, as it was a beautiful day. Was tossing lures and jigs tipped only with squid, as it was all I had. Nadda zilch zippo...
  3. Maryland/ Delaware
    fished IRI sat. evening from 7 to 10. i used left over sand fleas from the morning kayak trip and bws. tide was going out nothing biting then wham reel started going off thought i set the hook pretty good but when i put some heat on it with my hand the hook pulled:mad: small spot after that. on...
  4. Maryland/ Delaware
    fished IRI with tom hengst, started around 6am and fished till 8pm. 1 keeper flounder at 21" caught by tom and many many TBs, ranging anywhere from 12-18.5". 1 bluefish at 15.5". saw about 5 bluefish caught over 24" and 2 short stripers caught and saw 1 keeper striper being carried. seems...
  5. Maryland/ Delaware
    Went to the south side, got all tbs. 2 seabass, 1 15 in flounder and a 12 in tog! Saw someone got a HUGE sheephead must of been at least 8 lbs and may be 22+ in. Saw a couple of folks pull in undersized rocks around 20-22 in. To my surprise the blues are not there yet.:confused:
1-5 of 5 Results