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  1. South Carolina/Georgia
    Hello Everyone... I was hoping somebody could answer a simple gear question for me? I'm headed down tomorrow night for a week vacation in Myrtle. I've never fished there before, and I'm not targeting anything specific, but I will probably fish the beach in the evening/morning or piers with...
  2. Open Forum
    Whats the best way to fish for some big kings off the pier without using a anchor line? I was thinking carolina rig 4-6 oz egg with single 5/0 baitholder, and single 4x #4 treble. I was thinking this will be a nice setup for not only kings but cobia and whatever else hits it. Should I use a...
  3. Open Forum
    Today's my birthday and tomorrow my dad's taking me to get a rod and reel. If they have it, I'm thinking about getting the 9' Tica. Plan to cast 2-4 oz + bait (nothing heavy), for small blues, whiting, pomps, ect. Might drop it down for a flounder too. What should I pair it with? I can...
  4. The Fishing Bible
    I have a few questions about sand spikes. I need info on how to preserve the pvc type. Seems mine cracks and I lose chunks of it while inserting it into the sand. I don't have brute strength to push it into the sand with my hands and instead I must whack it down with whatever is nearby. Is...
1-4 of 4 Results