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  1. South Carolina/Georgia
    Does the end of the year cook out still exist on the pier in September as it has in years passed? If so, when? Several years ago while visiting GC Pier, a bar b q was held on the pier. It was very nice. Also, the spots were running that year also, which made my stay very very pleasant.
  2. South Carolina/Georgia
    Is there public access off of the Atlantic Ave bridge? I was looking on Google earth, and there appears to be access to the South side of the bridge proper. Has anyone fished/crabbed off there? If so is it any good? Thanks for your help.
  3. South Carolina/Georgia
    fished the wind beaten beach yesterday, caught all of 1 pompano (frying size) 1 whiting (bait size) 1 robinfish (fishstick size) And this SOB that latched onto my thumb and forefinger while trying to remove the hook from his mouth. Ungrateful b*(@&#$. My fingers are OK, It was my stupidity as...
  4. South Carolina/Georgia
    Fished yesterday from about 6:00pm until 10:00pm. Tide had just flipped when I got there and I fished the outgoing tide. Water was clean, but not clear. figured it was gonna be a shark day after I reeled in my first pinfish, or lack there of at 6:30. <a...
  5. South Carolina/Georgia
    Fished the surf in Garden City Yesterday, 8 Pompano (the size of my hand or smaller) 5 pinfish 1 whiting 1 ray (the size of the hood of my jeep) 5 sharks less than 2ft. long everything was caught on sand fleas (which were big and thick) except the ray, found a lone mullet washed up on the...
  6. South Carolina/Georgia
    We went down to the Garden City Pier Monday evening around 4PM until about 7PM. Using cut shrimp, my roommate caught a decent spot and some sort of crazy looking fish (flying fish?). The spot was at least 6 inches. All I got was an 8.5 inch spot. Including our three, we probably saw at least...
  7. South Carolina/Georgia
    I fished the Garden City area July 4th – 6th. July 4th was the best day of the weekend – 2 pompano and 2 whiting. Not a lot of size to the fish but at least it was something! Water was not white capping but waves seemed to crash hard. That day had the cleanest water but even that was a...
1-7 of 7 Results