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  1. North Carolina
    Hello everybody! Longtime lurker here and have appreciated all the tips and guidance. Taking my gradeschooler from Charlotte to the coast for a day trip this weekend. May not be the best time to go with the weather drop but beats the couch and neighborhood pond. As an semi- experienced...
  2. North Carolina
    Havent been to the fort in amost 2 months but am looking foward to the new fall seaso. How is the beach facing up this fall? Falling was good on the right days if you new which sloughs were thee, but this year i looks washed and flat, Some give me insight:fishing::spam:
  3. North Carolina
    Went to Carolina Beach Saturday. Too windy and rough to fish the beach so we hit the rock jetty at about 7:30, dead low tide it looked to be. Nothing until the tide turned. Used shrimp, cut bait and live finger mullet. 3 small croaker (small as in too small to even consider keeping), lots of bat...
  4. North Carolina
    Im new to carolina and was intrested in the location of the fort that everyone is fishing at. im an avid surf fisherman and wanted to check it out
  5. North Carolina
    Hit the Fort Sat 8-16 and Sunday morning. Had a limited supply of bait to start off with. One Spanish Mac, some fresh croaker, a couple spot, and two mullet. Set out the spanish head, one mullet head and almost a full croaker. Twenty minutes in we had our first run off. Fish picked up the...
  6. North Carolina
    Got down to the Fort this morning about 0900. Weather was nice and wind moderate and variable. I fished throughout the rising tide. I managed a nice little cobia. He was close to 33 inches but he wouldn't grow any while I had him so I had to let him go. I guess he was glad, but I had visions of...
  7. North Carolina
    My question is I have a 2 wheel king cab dodge truck. Can I get to good fishing area's at the Fort?
1-7 of 7 Results