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folly beach

  1. Folly Beach Pier - heading there 9/2/08

    South Carolina/Georgia
    Heading down from Columbia to Folly the day after Labor Day. Not sure if any other P&Sers will be down, just thought I'd mention it. Probably wont catch anything except sharks, skate, undersized blues and mullet, but its better than working. Taking 2 guys who've never really saltwater fished...
  2. Pier Report: Folly Beach - 7/25/08

    South Carolina/Georgia
    Had to head down to CHS for some training. Decided to take some fishing equip. with me and king fished from 10:30-4 today. Beautiful water/weather conditions, probably the best green/blue water I've ever seen for FB. Only problem was no bait. Small blues, perfect for king baits, were around...