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  1. Virginia
    Ya'll know I don't brag (don't usally have room to) but I am happy to show this one off a bit. 26" and a smidge and yes I tossedm back so I can get my first paper on a Flounder. It was caught off HRBT. I will let the others chime in, I am sure they will go into details about my little happy...
  2. Virginia
    i know its late but hey better late then never...Fished from about 2 until 10pm, Slack low, incoming, high tides...started off for flounder but the little blues were too thick, couldn't even get a decent strip to the bottom... started throwing little jigs, and started catching baby jacks 4-10"...
  3. Virginia
    i have a fluke rig and i am going to try and use that. what kind of bait do they like. and also do i cast normal and leave it out there past the break? some tips would be helpfull thanks.
  4. Open Forum
    I will be fishing in the Frisco area of Hatteras Island and was wondering which Gulp Alive is best to use for Flounder.
  5. Open Forum
    Going to try some Gulp tomorrow in attempt for flounder. If I'm working my jig with a 4" Gulp mullet and feel a bite, do I let him have it for a period of time before I set the hook? Also, can you tell by the bite if it is a flounder? Thanks
  6. Open Forum
    Lately i got alot of info on rigs and lures but. I went fishing last saturday at PLO pier and a fat white chick brought up a big flounder. I talked to her a lil bit and she showed me how to fillet it and all. Told me there reallly good to eat. I mean i've ate em before and there good. Bet never...
1-6 of 6 Results