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  1. Question: Pier and Surf AI Get Together

    Maryland/ Delaware
    Is this still a go? Dates? Thanks Sandcrab
  2. The end of an era.

    North Carolina
    Well folks after 20 years the Rusty Ritz is no more. We took the Ritz form Kitty Hawk to New Point in Mathews, a nice new home. After 20 years at the beach it was time for a change. The new home is a lot more layed back. Sooooo, I guess this means the "Bash at the beach" is over, but five years...
  3. P&S Get Together?

    Maryland/ Delaware
    Morning guys, As you know, I am fairly new to the board. I learned of P&S through the youtube video, and was curious how often everyone tries to get together (like the SPSP day)? -Trace Roller
  4. Fishin' get together..

    South Carolina/Georgia
    I think that one of these days all of us folks in the Grand Strand area should get together and storm a local beach. Who's in? :beer: