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  1. Maryland/ Delaware
    Is this still a go? Dates? Thanks Sandcrab
  2. North Carolina
    Well folks after 20 years the Rusty Ritz is no more. We took the Ritz form Kitty Hawk to New Point in Mathews, a nice new home. After 20 years at the beach it was time for a change. The new home is a lot more layed back. Sooooo, I guess this means the "Bash at the beach" is over, but five years...
  3. Maryland/ Delaware
    Morning guys, As you know, I am fairly new to the board. I learned of P&S through the youtube video, and was curious how often everyone tries to get together (like the SPSP day)? -Trace Roller
  4. South Carolina/Georgia
    I think that one of these days all of us folks in the Grand Strand area should get together and storm a local beach. Who's in? :beer:
1-4 of 4 Results