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  1. Inshore Saltwater Fishing
    Hi all, I am looking for a place to spend a few days to one week; not too far from New York city. Ideally, I am looking for these: have a pier right on the ocean beach to let kids loose and for surf fishing some other attractions - museums, amusement parks, etc. the timing is late June...
  2. New England
    im going to be striper fishing from shore this summer in pei. I would like to use mackerel for bait but i think it would be hard to catch them from where i am since it is shallow and sandy. How else can i get mackerel or what other bait could i use.
  3. Marketplace
    I have two Ascend 12’ FS12T Kayaks for sale. Both have been used only once, don’t have time that I thought I would. Both kayaks come with paddles, anchors, milk crates with organizers, rod holders, two flush mount and one above. Also included is a kayak wheeled carrier for each one. These are...
  4. Virginia
    Plan on going fishing over Labor Day weekend. Never been out to Fort Monroe before, but advise on the best place to fish and what kind of fish can we expect to find would be greatly appreciated? Thanks.
  5. Inshore Saltwater Fishing
    Can't cast at all with my Shakespear tw 30 level wind real. took it off and put on a old openface real and now and can get some distance. Is it not a good real for the surf or am I that bad of a bait cast real operator? I am just learning, so it could be all the operator. I havent found any...
  6. South Carolina/Georgia
    Hello Everyone... I was hoping somebody could answer a simple gear question for me? I'm headed down tomorrow night for a week vacation in Myrtle. I've never fished there before, and I'm not targeting anything specific, but I will probably fish the beach in the evening/morning or piers with...
  7. 4x4 Forum
    Gray Roll on Bedliner? I know Herculiner makes Gray and i can get 2 gallons under $260. I am doing the bottom of my truck. Trying to make it like the 2 tone style paint job. However I want to use gray bedliner so it looks good and is tough. Is there a better price than the Roll on Herculiner...
  8. Inshore Saltwater Fishing
    new to the forum. Just wanted to say hello to everyone and hope to learn more about surf fishing in Fla. Thanks:
  9. Florida
    Hey guys I was wondering if anyone films their fishing trips. I would like to be on an episode I think it would be a great learning experience. Ill volunteer to cook the catch !
  10. Florida
    I will be visiting the Tampa Bay area at the end of this month. Bradenton to be exact. I would love a little help on where to go and what to fish for while I am down there. I will be there from the 28th of November until the 6th of December. I'm not looking for people to give up their...
  11. Inshore Saltwater Fishing
    Hello, love this website! I just recently got into surf fishing and love it! I am from Texas,(some of yall may know me from the texasfishingforum) but am moving to Hawaii (army) in two days. I am really going to miss the surf fishing in texas, so i will have to keep up with this site to make up...
1-11 of 11 Results