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  1. Virginia
    The posts have been looking good, the storms are out of here and I think this Saturday will be a good time to hit Dam Neck. Should be hitting the beach around 6am stop by our digs and say hi if you are in the area (green chem lights on our chairs). tight lines.:fishing:
  2. Virginia
    Hit the beach around 8am wind n/ne/nw, managed one spot and 3 small pups around 945, water looked decent. Have seen what I think are schools of big blues about 300 yards out with birds working on top of em the last two days Ive been out....Where are all the sandfleas at??, getting a few here and...
  3. Virginia
    Went fishing yesterday (Sunday) 3-9pm. Between my husband and 2 girls we caught 8 puppy drum. They were all between 12-16 inches. A couple down the beach from us caught a 26 incher. We were using mullet heads and BWFB. My youngest daughter who doesn't like "smelly bait", so, her hands...
  4. Virginia
    Three words, seaweed, seaweed and seaweed. Fished from 5am to 7am, pulled in about a pound of the witches hair with every cast. Not one bite but it was a pretty morning though. I'm putting all my eggs in the Labor Day weekend basket now:rolleyes:
  5. Virginia
    Tossed out two sand fleas today on a double bottom rig in the wash and pulled out a Spanish Mack with them! Left me :confused:! Oh well, there's a first time for everything! Anyway, other than the spanish, 2 small flounder (tagged and released) and a small blue! Not much else happening on...
1-5 of 5 Results