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  1. Open Forum
    Yesterday while fishing, I cast my newest 30 SHV with 6 and bait and heard a loud rattling sound upon release. Reeled it in and took it apart to find that the pins inside that hold the brakes were now twisted into an "S" shape and the ring the brakes rub against was loose inside. Anyone ever...
  2. Open Forum
    have a decision to make all input would be appreciated Surf and pier fishing lead and bait mostly distance & durability main priorities
  3. Distance Casting
    Headed to the wild woods Thurs for a week and I'm chucking 6& 8 oz tennis balls 90 to a 120 yards easy. Just a smooth OTG cast don't touch the reel till it hits the ground. Man I like that reel. My 12 YO is chucking the penn 10 mag on a 9' solars 60 to 80 yards were spooled up with 30lb...
  4. Open Forum
    im looking to put the carbontex drag washers in my saltist 30H. i just wanted to know if they make some for that reel, and if how do you order them. i looked around but couldent find any info. thanks
  5. Open Forum
    My next reel purchase will be a Daiwa Black Gold 60 or 90. I am thinking of going with the bigger 90 as my shark reel because of its larger line capacity. My question is this: I can get the BG 90 off Ebay for $99 or I can get a BG90 Reel-OBC100S Outer Banks Outfitters Rod Surf Combo from...
  6. Open Forum
    hey guys i bought one months back and its been used as a kayak rod until drum season I have casted it a few times and wanted to see what your opinions were. I bought it bc I wanted a bombproof reel for the beach, my go to reel is not bomb proof by anymeans but will throw a bait a long ways. I...
  7. Open Forum
    Im deciding on a reel for small plugs 12-2oz and for fishing with squid and stuff you know just something to do while i soaking a bigger bait on the big boys and i thought i had it set on the daiwa bg 20 which looks like it while last a lifetime and looks smooth and looks like it can stop a...
  8. Open Forum
    which would you buy and why? main use will be wreck fishing. Saltist 20H 6.1:1 4 bearings + 1 bearing 16.5 oz 36 in crank retrieve 15.4 max drag 14 lb/350 yds Torium 14 6.2:1 3 bearings + 1 bearing 15.7 oz 36 in crank retrieve 13 lbs max drag 14 lb/300 yds
  9. Distance Casting
    Hummm......how would these two "Monarchs" of the surf (fishing) distance spinning world fair in a head to head duel in the hot Carolina sun over rough, and I mean very rough grass, weeds and briars---a 45mm spool reel vs. a 35 mm spool....same weight......both forward tapered....I had a little...
1-9 of 9 Results