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  1. Inshore Saltwater Fishing
    Looking for some ideas on a PIER rod/reel combo for site casting. Suggested by friends: Penn Battle II combo 7' HEAVER SUGGESTIONS: Daiwa Seagate 30 and an Ocean Master 12' rod Any other suggestions?
  2. Virginia
    59lb 58inches caught on live eel on the bottom
  3. Virginia
    whats the best jigs for cobia and what bouys are they around? I also build assist hook rigs for butterfly jigs, drum and cobia rigs, king fish rigs etc just email me at [email protected] for more information also looking for sponsers.
  4. Virginia
    What an interesting day what can i say about it. Well i didnt catch any fish just some salad nothing else. Heard it was hard to get bait for the early birds they said they didnt get it untill 8:00am. Even though i didnt catch anything thats fine with me because i will have those memories with...
  5. North Carolina
    I will be giving a day to day report because one of my good friends austin will be there for a week. i had the chance to go but was unable because of the fiance!:redface: MONDAY Anyways yesterday they seen almost ten cobias and one king swimming off the T end, he wouldnt take a bait:--|. My...
  6. North Carolina
    It seems like alot of cobia are caught from the outer banks in Early summer as they are passing through heading north. Do the fish make a southward "second" run at any time?
1-6 of 6 Results