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  1. Cobi rod/reel combo

    Open Forum
    Looking for some ideas on a PIER rod/reel combo for site casting. Suggested by friends: Penn Battle II combo 7' HEAVER SUGGESTIONS: Daiwa Seagate 30 and an Ocean Master 12' rod Any other suggestions?
  2. Seagull pier report 8/30/08

    59lb 58inches caught on live eel on the bottom
  3. Cobia?

    whats the best jigs for cobia and what bouys are they around? I also build assist hook rigs for butterfly jigs, drum and cobia rigs, king fish rigs etc just email me at [email protected] for more information also looking for sponsers.
  4. LIP Report 8/24/08

    What an interesting day what can i say about it. Well i didnt catch any fish just some salad nothing else. Heard it was hard to get bait for the early birds they said they didnt get it untill 8:00am. Even though i didnt catch anything thats fine with me because i will have those memories with...
  5. Pier Report: OBX pier cobia!!

    North Carolina
    I will be giving a day to day report because one of my good friends austin will be there for a week. i had the chance to go but was unable because of the fiance!:redface: MONDAY Anyways yesterday they seen almost ten cobias and one king swimming off the T end, he wouldnt take a bait:--|. My...
  6. Cobia

    North Carolina
    It seems like alot of cobia are caught from the outer banks in Early summer as they are passing through heading north. Do the fish make a southward "second" run at any time?