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  1. Maryland/ Delaware
    Anything being caught? What? Let me know I am thinking about coming up this week. Any rocks or blues? Breaking fish? Would love to know. Thanks
  2. Maryland/ Delaware
    Got there about 1AM and fished until 6AM , midway down the pier. Hardly anyone out there, pretty much empty all to ourselves. Caught a total of 6 good Croakers, two 17-inches, three 16-inches and one 12-inch. Bait was squid and shrimp. Caught a few small spots during the trip and try live lining...
  3. Maryland/ Delaware
    Planning on heading to Choptank Pier in Cambridge thursday. Has anyone had any luck there or heard of any fishing reports?:fishing:
  4. Maryland/ Delaware
    any 1 fishing an r the lights on.any schools of popping fish.:fishing:
  5. Maryland/ Delaware
    At the risk of violating the P&S Choptank code of silence, here goes: Arrived at Choptank (Cambridge side) around 5:30 P.M. yesterday (Tues.). Went half way out the pier. Beautiful cool evening, with a serious threat of storms that never occurred, and hardly anyone on the pier. The small fish...
  6. Maryland/ Delaware
    Interesting that although the Choptank river piers can hold more fishermen than all the other Chesapeake piers put together, there's very little written about the Choptank on this forum. I understand that the fishing doesn't pick up much there until late summer usually (because of water...
  7. Maryland/ Delaware
    Has anyone been to Choptank lately? Hows the fishing? Hows the crabing? Do you need a license to use a crab trap?
1-7 of 7 Results