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  1. Virginia
    Went out to the breakwaters in eov thursday night, right behind ships cabin. I had heard there were possibly some pups at night over there. Well it turned out to be a whole mess of bluefish. Just one after another with an occasional croaker. Seemed like a nice fishing spot during high tide...
  2. Virginia
    I was scoping out no parking signs using google map and the street view. It is actually pretty cool. The next time that someone is down there check out the signs that are on the white wall in the last block Fentress Ave as you head to the water. They might say no parking on the sidewalk which...
  3. Virginia
    Got a call from one of my friends who likes to fish and he wanted to do some surf fishin. Got out to chix at about 9:30pm got all set up next to the cbbt and within a couple minutes had a croaker on the line. They seemed to be out there but not in numbers like the pier. Caught a stray roundhead...
1-3 of 3 Results