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  1. New Jersey
    Going down next week. Hopefully the storms will have passed. Always get a few in the suds, mostly schoolie stripers and small blues on plug/jig teaser rigs. I usually dont have the time for bait. Wondering if anyone has a place they reccommend. I usually do OK near the south end around some of...
  2. New Jersey
    Good news ... Higbee's Beach (where the Ferry lands in Cape May area) has croakers. However, it's mostly small ones. JunkmanSJ called me as I arrived on Friday late afternoon with the news, though we spent the weekend doing everything EXCEPT fishing, at least until I was headed home late Sunday...
  3. New Jersey
    Hitting the beach near Belmar this afternoon ... charter boat tomorrow, heading to Cape May in the late afternoon ... camping (Depot, West CM), swimming, fishing ... anyone who's down and wants to join up with us (me, my step-brother, brother, and nephew) for some fishing, particularly on...
  4. New Jersey
    I'll be doing some fishing on a charter out of Belmar area on Friday ... I was planning on taking frozen whole spot and some big metal plugs ... Blues are the usual main target. Anyone been out there having any luck chasing the big ones lately?
  5. New Jersey
    Greetings from the Cape May internet cafe :) Hanging with friends and family mostly. Did a little morning fishing at a couple blocks from Poverty Beach ... 7-8:15am on Monday ... fishbites for bait on a kingfish rig ... nothing happening. Checked out the culvert near Two Mile Inn ... a few...
  6. New Jersey
    I'm going to be down from the 20th-26th, so I'm just doing a little advance scouting so I come prepared ... anything consistent happening, or is it pretty much hit-or-mis for small blues, spike trout, kingfish, etc. Dogg ... you still game for some fishing?
1-6 of 6 Results